Operational Support

Independent Objective Review of your Business

With experts who have over 20 years of experience in the childcare industry, Kilpi Project Management now offers an independent objective review of your business and advises you of any potential areas of risk.

The Kilpi Management team offers : 

  • National Quality Standards Compliance
  • Licensing, Assessment and Rating and Programming support
  • Human Resource and Staffing support
  • Financial Audit/Review
  • Operational Services

KILIP Project Management has experience in every aspect of childcare service management and support, including ongoing monitoring and development.  We take pride in our team of childcare experts who have been in the industry for more than 40 years.  We design our professional advisory services to improve your business regardless of its size.  Our tailored solutions are sure to meet the needs of your childcare service and help achieve your goals by meeting industry standards and regulatory compliance.

We provide assistance on many aspects of childcare management and support including, but not limited to:

National Quality Standards Compliance

  • Implementation of the approved quality frameworks
  • Review of My Time Our Place (OSHC) framework

Licensing, Assessment and Rating and Programming support

  • Review service is operating in line with the approved licence
  • Review and provide recommendations to the (QIP) Quality Improvement Plan

Human Resource and Staffing support

  • Review of staff qualifications and employment compliance, as per the award and current employment agreements
  • Review of industry training in line with current industry standards
  • Review of staffing rosters in line with current regulations and standards

Financial Audit/Review

  • Review of current staffing wages in comparison to the current modern childcare award
  • Review income generations in line with the service occupancy and attendance
  • Review of the current debtors in line the trading terms of the service


  • Ensuring compliance with the service’s policies and procedures based on industry standards and regulations
  • Conduct a full-service presentation audit
  • Review of service philosophy in line with the National Quality Frame works

Recommendations/ Summary

On the completion of the Service Operations Audit/Review you will be provided with a detailed recommendation summary with suggested actions and changes.  As an additional service KILPI Project Management can provide ongoing management support to insure all approved recommendations are implemented in accordance with the action plan.

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