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Elizabeth Savina and Bernadette Dutton are Certified Practising Speech Pathologists highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of Voice, Cough and VCD/PVFM. They have both worked in major hospitals in Senior ENT positions and are passionate about helping patients to get their voices back into gear. Elizabeth and Bernadette conduct choirs and are skilled singers, having a special interest in contemporary and folk styles.
The Brisbane Voice Clinic has Phonanium Acoustic Analysis Software and research standard recording equipment, for calibrated and precise acoustic measurements. These include The Dysphonia Severity Index and Acoustic Voice Quality Index.

Their services include clinic appointments, telehealth and workplace visits (as scheduling allows).


We ask you to complete a case history form prior to coming to us so that we can maximise our time with you.

In your first appointment we will:

  • Clarify aspects of your case history
  • Conduct an instrumental voice assessment taking recordings with research-grade equipment and software.
  • Conduct an assessment of your posture, neck musculature, and breathing patterns
  • Identify and teach exercises and stretches that will improve your voice (these will be emailed to you)
  • Provide manual therapy (massage) if it is likely to be helpful
  • Provide personalised information about voice care including equipment and environmental modifications (this will be emailed to you)

We will give you exercises that initially only take 1-2 minutes, however we ask that you complete them 3-5 times/day 5-7 days/week. At first you will need to give all of your attention to the exercises, however, with practice, they can be done while doing other tasks.

At review appointments we will get you to show us how you are completing your exercises and we will then refine or give more complex exercises.


Contact Elizabeth today 0410 114 490

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