Join Allan and Barbara Pease at their fabulous property on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD for a VIP weekend to be remembered. Participants enjoy an up close and personal weekend where they learn, laugh and ask the big questions of Australia’s most successful authors Allan and Barbara Pease.

With five unique and life-changing sessions covering topics spanning decades of research, you will learn:

  • The keys to success
  • Body language masterclass: why it’s not what you say
  • Developing powerful relationships
  • Body language in the workplace
  • Questions are the answers (sales and negotiation)

This very special VIP weekend will give you the skills to instantly improve your communication and relationships both at home and at work.

Places are strictly limited to 30 people, so please register now to secure your seat or contact us for more information.

August 11, 2018 – August 12, 2018
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location:  Buderim, QLD, Australia, 4556

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Brisbane Voice Clinic | Loqui Speech Pathology


Elizabeth Savina and Bernadette Dutton are Certified Practising Speech Pathologists highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of Voice, Cough and VCD/PVFM. They have both worked in major hospitals in Senior ENT positions and are passionate about helping patients to get their voices back into gear. Elizabeth and Bernadette conduct choirs and are skilled singers, having a special interest in contemporary and folk styles.
The Brisbane Voice Clinic has Phonanium Acoustic Analysis Software and research standard recording equipment, for calibrated and precise acoustic measurements. These include The Dysphonia Severity Index and Acoustic Voice Quality Index.

Their services include clinic appointments, telehealth and workplace visits (as scheduling allows).


We ask you to complete a case history form prior to coming to us so that we can maximise our time with you.

In your first appointment we will:

  • Clarify aspects of your case history
  • Conduct an instrumental voice assessment taking recordings with research-grade equipment and software.
  • Conduct an assessment of your posture, neck musculature, and breathing patterns
  • Identify and teach exercises and stretches that will improve your voice (these will be emailed to you)
  • Provide manual therapy (massage) if it is likely to be helpful
  • Provide personalised information about voice care including equipment and environmental modifications (this will be emailed to you)

We will give you exercises that initially only take 1-2 minutes, however we ask that you complete them 3-5 times/day 5-7 days/week. At first you will need to give all of your attention to the exercises, however, with practice, they can be done while doing other tasks.

At review appointments we will get you to show us how you are completing your exercises and we will then refine or give more complex exercises.


Contact Elizabeth today 0410 114 490

the pressure project | release the shackles of pressure


When you dive to depths of over 240 feet (70 metres) in the open Ocean, you need to have the skill of controlling your mind before and during your descent and to have strategies to overcome any obstacles that may present themselves. Adam Sellars, Director of ‘The Pressure Project’ is an Australian Freediving representative, qualified Freediving Instructor and one of the deepest divers in the world, and can hold his breath for up to 5:30 minutes. Adam’s ‘Lessons from the Deep’ and the ability to focus your mind on what you need to achieve apply perfectly to business, corporate ventures, personal achievement and sporting teams everywhere.

Adam is a qualified Teacher of Mindfulness Meditation and Advanced Visualization and teaches these skills in competition and business. In a safe and controlled environment, Adam shares the skills and techniques used by freedivers to control the powerful messages sent from the brain that can often immobilize us. Whether you are a small business or a corporate giant, Adam has the skills to get messages across to your audience in a powerful and humorous way. He has consulted and presented to companies corporations and Government and recent clients include Insurance Australia Group, Kawasaki, Pease International, Rare ID and the Australian Olympic Swimming Team.

Pressure as we know it

What is pressure? Where does it come from? Why does it inhibit performance?
Many people use the term, ‘I’m under pressure’, or ‘the boss is putting pressure on me’, ‘My deadline has me under the gun’ without any understanding of what is physically and mentally happening inside their brains and bodies.
In his seminar, ‘Pressure – Lessons from the Deep’, Adam Sellars tackles these questions and breaks down what is happening to a person internally, why it’s happening, the consequences of typical responses and how to channel your mind when it’s under siege and to perform at peak levels in business, sport or environment.
Freediving takes place in an environment that is still uniquely wild and that places a great Physical Pressure on the human body.When you lose the ability to breathe but have learned how to control your responses it gives great insight into what we, as Humans, are capable of achieving and reveals strategies of how we can survive the daily mental pressures of life which prevent us from achieving our best.
The seminar and keynote address, Pressure – lessons from the Deep, is a unique, interactive, thought provoking, and inspirational journey that will challenge attendees to live a life by design, where they can control their thoughts, their emotions, and reactions to events around them and to become fully productive and to create an environment that is at peace. It is a science-based approach with a sporting flavor and draws on the solid teachings of Meditation to produce powerful business approaches and positive sporting attitudes in athletes.

What delegates will learn in Pressure – Lessons from the Deep

  • How to deal with Pressure and stress in any environment in order to excel.
  • What to do when we fall into the grips of Mental Illness or a negative loop.
  • Why our Brains can throw our lives into Chaos.
  • Techniques to Program our Brains. Design our life.
  • The 3 Secrets that Top Athletes and High Achievers use to stay at the top of their field.

Services Offered

Adam specialises in professional speaking for sports, business and self development. Topics include

Pressure- ‘Lessons from the deep’
Mindfulness Life
Advanced Breath Hold Training
Big Wave Training
Trust Based Sales Techniques
Collaborative Sales Management Training
Sales Training for the 21st century professional

Contact Adam at The Pressure Project today 0412 018 250

The RAS | Your brain’s remarkable operating system

From around the world journalists and readers of Allan and Barbara’s latest work, The Answer, have been writing in with their questions. We wanted to share the authors’ wisdom with you…. So read on, to your success.

Why do people with ambitious goals seem happier than people living day-to-day?

Human beings are motivated by visualizing end results. This is why humans are a goal oriented species. With a clearly defined goal, you are motivated to step around, jump over or deal with obstacles or road blocks that arise. Without a clearly defined goal humans are motivated by the next thing that happens, which, statistically will be negative or non-productive. A person who lives day-to-day is only motivated by what happens to them next and does not take responsibility for building the life they want.

Where do we start, if we are not happy and would like to change our life?

The first thing to do is to handwrite your goals on paper, listing everything that you have ever wanted to do or want to do now. Once you have your list, you then prioritise your goals into A’s B’s and C’s, with A’s being the most important goals that you have now. Science has proven the positive impact of handwriting your goals and we reveal this research in THE ANSWER.

How can setting goals help and why are our chances of success better when we set goals?

When you have a clearly defined goal your RAS filters the information in your environment so you are able to see the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. If you do not have a clearly defined goal, stated in the positive, your RAS cannot locate the path forward and it’s unlikely you’ll achieve what you want.

Why are some people afraid to set ambitious goals in life?

Negative programming, which often starts in childhood can mean that some people believe they don’t have the ability to achieve their goals because they are “not smart enough” or “not brave enough”. When you learn how to program your RAS you can use this system for any goal you want. Your RAS doesn’t distinguish between an ambitious goal and a small goal. The process to achieving your goals is the same, no matter how big or small they are.

What are the most common reasons why a person doesn’t achieve their goals? Why do we give up on our dreams?

It is common to encounter roadblocks or challenges when you are trying to achieve a goal. Achieving your goal may not be easy, but the system we describe in THE ANSWER – THE RAS – is simple and anyone can follow it. When you accept that challenges are part of the process, they will no longer stop you. You will remain committed to your goal and never give up.

What attributes of character would help us achieve our goals? Can we learn them?

This is an important question! All of the techniques for success can be learned. The system we outline in THE ANSWER – THE RAS – is very simple. Be consistent and use visualization everyday. Follow the steps outlined in THE ANSWER and believe YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU WILL.

Want to know more? Pick up a copy of The Answer or join our upcoming VIP Weekends where Allan and Barbara Pease take 30 participants on a deep dive to learn the techniques of success, and more!